Tuesday 16 October, 2018

NourishTT celebrates World Food Day w. nationwide food drive

Nourish TT, a local nonprofit social enterprise, commences a nationwide Food Drive starting Tuesday, October 10. In commemoration of World Food Day 2017, Nourish TT and Massy Stores Trinidad have teamed up to raise awareness of hunger and food waste in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as provide a platform to engage the national community in reducing these major social challenges.

The five-day event will run until Saturday, October 14 as follows:

Tuesday, October 10 
Massy Stores, Trincity
1PM to 7PM

Wednesday, October 11
Massy Stores, Maraval
1PM to 7PM

Thursday, October 12
Massy Stores, Chaguanas
1PM to 7PM

Friday, October 13 
Massy Stores, Gulf View
10AM to 4PM

Saturday, October 14
Massy Stores, Westmoorings
10 AM to 7PM

Shoppers are invited to donate items from their shopping carts at the Nourish TT booth. There, details of each item received will be entered into the Nourish TT portal to enable live tracking and publishing of donation statistics.

Nourish TT will then deliver the food received to its trusted charity and NGO partners for distribution to needy persons and families.

The organisation has partnered with ride-sharing company, Uber, to transport food donations to charities and NGOs along the East-West corridor.

Nourish TT has also teamed up with various secondary schools to encourage students to volunteer for the Food Drive and champion the cause of hunger and food waste in Trinidad and Tobago.

Participating schools include St. Joseph’s Convent Port of Spain, St. Mary’s College, Presentation College Chaguanas, Naparima Girls’ High School, and Presentation College San Fernando.