Tuesday 21 January, 2020

NP on gas tank welder: It's not our gas station

The Trinidad and Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (NP) commented on a viral video of a man welding near gas tanks, saying the gas station is not an NP-controlled facility. 

The video, which was reportedly taken in Rio Claro, showed a welder working on a metal cage which held a number of gas tanks. 


NP told LoopTT that safety is the company's first priority.

"NP is aware that there is a video being circulated of a welder performing hot works at an LPG cylinder holding area. We wish to make it clear that this is NOT at an NP controlled facility."

"NP places a high priority on safety, and such activity will never be allowed to occur on our premises since all maintenance and development jobs, which involve hot works, are conducted in conformance with all OSHA regulations and safety standards and under the guidance of one of NP’s certified Health, Safety and Environment Officers."

"The safety of our staff, customers and other stakeholders is our highest priority and NP remains fully committed to ensuring that no employee or customer is ever put in harm’s way through our actions and omissions," the company said. 

According to US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) practices, fire hazards should be removed if the welded object cannot be readily moved, and guards should be used if removing fire hazards is not possible.

If this cannot be done, no cutting or welding should be allowed.

It is also advised to protect nearby combustible materials from sparks that might escape through openings in floors or walls. Fire Extinguishers must be ready for instant use.

Combustible materials must be swept 35 feet away and properly protected or shielded and combustible floors must be wetted or protected (while preventing arc welding shock).

Additionally, a responsible individual, preferably supervisor, must inspect the area and designate precautions, preferably by written permit.

OSHA policies mandate that a Fire Watch lasting at least 30 minutes after welding or cutting operations is required if more than a minor fire might develop and if certain combustible materials are present.


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