Thursday 20 February, 2020

NP: Pay-at-the-pump facility secure

National Petroleum (NP) has assured that its pay-at-the-pump facility is secure and tamper-proof, following the circulation of a video on social media claiming that there are hidden devices on gas pump dispensers that are capable of stealing customer data.

In a statement on Tuesday, NP assured that dispensers at its 35 service stations across the country have security measures in place to ensure that they are not compromised, and that customer card data is kept safe.

NP said the dispensers are “well protected” and are not at risk to the tampering demonstrated in the video.

“In fact, NP's dispensers are robust and secure, and fitted with tamper proof enclosures designed to meet the demanding requirements of the payment industry,” the statement read.

NP assured that it takes proactive steps to protect the security of customer COD data and often reviews its security measures to combat skimming.

It added that surveillance camera systems, which are prerequisites of the Bank for all pay-at-the-pump facilities, provide additional security and protection and serve as a deterrent to fraudulent activities such as the installation of skimmers at the pump.

NP said service station personnel are trained to be on the lookout for signs of tampering or attempts to install skimming devices on the pump such as indications of forced entry, abnormal-looking components on the dispenser's exterior, and suspicious vehicles parked at the pump for extended periods of time.

Additional security is on the way as an upgrade of the pumps is due to accommodate the enhanced Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) global standard for cards equipped with computer chips, which NP said will reduce / eliminate the threat of unauthorised access.

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