Monday 26 October, 2020

Nyan, Lisa ready to tackle COVID-19, curriculum reform

Minister of Education, Dr Nyan Gadsby Dolly

Minister of Education, Dr Nyan Gadsby Dolly

Newly instated Minister of Education, Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly and Minister in the Ministry, Lisa Morris-Julian are ready for the challenges ahead. 

Speaking after the Secondary Entrance Assessment today, Dr Gadsby Dolly says their first priority is ensuring that there’s a proper way forward since the first term of the next academic year could be compromised. 

“We know that our children cannot remain outside of a learning environment for the next however many months until the end of the year and that is not our intention but it is to keep them safe and even within that context, learning must take place because we don’t want regression,” she said. 

The Minister says she’s taking the Prime Minister’s call to reform the education curriculum very seriously. She thinks the need for having a more diverse approach to schooling will work to the benefit of the nation’s students. 

“Would it include us teaching Spanish at the Primary School level so that we can break the language barrier with our South American neighbours? Would it include incorporating sport and culture, not as extra-curricular but into the main curriculum so our children can get a chance to understand and to benefit from what that may bring?” she mused. 

Both former teachers in the secondary school system and as parents, Morris-Julian and Gadsby-Dolly say they intend to bring their experience in both fields into their new workplace.  

“I know that there are great expectations of our teachers and our parents and students and we’ll do our absolute best. I know I’m a hard worker and I’m paired with an extremely hard worker, so what you’ll see from us is teamwork; two mothers making sure that we do what’s best for the nation’s children,” Morris-Julian said. 

Gadsby-Dolly adds that they both have school-aged children at home who are experiencing the effects of having uncertain futures. She believes this will spur them on further as they plan for the new term and the future of schooling in general. 

“We also are very invested in how these solutions that are presented in the national public will really impact our children,” she said. 

The Minister says she expects to meet with the teachers’ union and other relevant stakeholders as they’ll all have input in how the new term will move forward. 

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