Wednesday 28 October, 2020

ODPM warns public to prepare for passage of TS Gonzalo

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Photo courtesy

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) is urging individuals, families, communities and organisations to prepare for the possible passage of Tropical Storm Gonzalo.

In an update on Wednesday, the ODPM warned the public to monitor the system and take action in the event it affects Trinidad and Tobago.

It added that it is in constant communication with the various national agencies to ensure a coordinated response. They include the Disaster Management Units of the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government, the Tobago Emergency Management Agency, the Ministry of Works and Transport and the various divisions of the Ministry of National Security which have already begun to activate their preparedness and response plans.

These initiatives were exercised along with NGOs and private sector organisations ahead of the Wet and Hurricane seasons during the ODPM’s strategy, planning and preparation workshops.

The following tips will assist in your preparation:

Know your risk

  • Know the risks on your property, in your community, workplace or commonly visited areas. Identify any objects that can negatively affect you like clogged drains and gutters, overgrown trees, loose items etc.

 Make a plan

  • Discuss with family members, friends, neighbours and coworkers what actions they should take if impacted by a hazard
  • Write down emergency contact information and any important actions someone should take

Take action

  • Take action around your property - clear gutters and drains
  • Keep a “Grab and Go Bag” or emergency kit ready
  • In light of COVID-19 guidelines, include extra face masks, gloves and hand sanitisers in your emergency kits or “Grab and Go Bags”
  • Assist neighbours and the elderly in conducting prevention and preparedness activities.


  • Continue to monitor the passage of Tropical Storm Gonzalo and be ready
  • Monitor the ODPM and TTMS websites, and social media profiles, ( or for weather forecasts, alerts, warnings and cancellations.

Tropical Storm Gonzalo is spinning in the Atlantic between Africa and the Lesser Antilles. It is forecast to become a hurricane on Thursday though its intensity is uncertain.

Meteorologists predict it would arrive in the southern Windward Islands on Saturday.



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