Tuesday 21 January, 2020

The Office Christmas Party caters to everyone

Christmas parties are perhaps one of the most anticipated company events. It’s the one time you could usually let your hair down, bond with your colleagues over ill-advised Prosecco and Punchy Punchy combos and find an excuse to gyrate on the office hottie.

If however, you find yourself without a company party to attend, either because you were retrenched or took the entrepreneurial route or your company just does not have the funds to spring for extra-large orders of pastelle and ham, Caesar’s Army has the solution.

The Office Christmas Party is targeted to anyone looking for a Christmas party to participate in.

“This is an event we created. It is generated from the fact that we are entrepreneurs and everyone has a company Christmas party. This is built on the concept of a company Christmas party for everyone, it is all-embracing,” explained Jules Sobion, founder of Caesar’s Army.

Of course being a Caesar’s Army production, the OCP will contain some elements you won’t usually find in other parties such as a  Bad Santa and a Grinch.

There will, however, be traditional Christmas elements in the entertainment cast that will embody the Christmas spirit, Sobion said.

The OCP will be held at the Government Campus Plaza on Richmond Street and groups of 10 or more can access a group discount. The regular ticket price is $200 but patrons will receive a $50 cash back in chits to access Christmas cutters and the bar.

Dress code is business casual.

The OCP will be held on Friday, December 8 from 5 pm to 1 am.

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