Saturday 18 January, 2020

One suspect held for officer's murder released

One of the men who had been held for the murder of PC Kryston Ramirez, has been released.

The suspect – a 42-year-old man from Arima – was arrested just over 24 hours ago during police exercises in the Carapo district.

However, he was released around 11 pm on Monday from the Arima Police Station where he was being held.

The suspect is being represented by defence attorney Fareed Ali.

Ali is also representing a 20-year-old man who remains detained for PC Ramirez’ murder.

He confirmed that his 42-year-old client was at home, and that a search conducted by police at his client’s home for a murder weapon proved futile.

“Further, nothing of evidential value was acquired from him by way of  a statement given he exercised his right to silence,” Ali stated.

The attorney noted that from his information, two other persons remained in custody for PC Ramirez’ killing – including his 20-year-old client and another individual.

Ali who also represents the 20-year-old confirms that despite efforts of the police to take a statement from  the latter  he has also chosen to exercise  his right to silence.

Ali maintains that his client has nothing to prove to investigators and will not be voluntarily participating in any process they choose to engage him in.

The attorney underscored that the 20-year-old male has been continuously been denied meals from relatives and baths since being in police custody.

He stressed that this was a clear breach of his client's constitutional rights and privileges which he is entitled to within the law, and he hoped that this was not a reflection of any motives or tactics from the police service to get information from his client.

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