Tuesday 20 November, 2018

Online driver’s permit verification system now live

Drivers can now check their driver's permit details online at http://apps.mowt.gov.tt, which is now live. 

The Ministry of Works and Transport said in a statement issued Thursday that the Online Driver's Permit Verification System is now active. 

The Ministry said the new system is geared towards modernizing the Licensing System while improving its service delivery to customers.

The online driver’s permit verification System can be accessed via this direct link:- http://apps.mowt.gov.tt

Although there is a separate tab for demerit points, that aspect of the system is not yet active. 

Benefits of the system:

1. A personalized way individuals can keep track of their driver’s permit issue and expiry

2. It is also an easy way of cross-checking one’s designated class of driver’s permit, the requirement to use corrective lenses or even manual or automatic transmission when conducting personal business with financial or law enforcement institutions

3. It provides quick and efficient electronic record verification service

4. It can reduce the circulation of fraudulent driver’s permits

5. It will improve the efficiency with which public services are accessed

6. It encourages transparent record keeping

7. 24-hour access to information on all registered driver’s permits

8. Free secure and an alternative method of verifying driver’s permit

9. Reduced dependency on paper-based verification systems

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