Saturday 22 February, 2020

Opposition Leader offers Easter greetings: Keep the faith

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar issued Easter greetings to the nation, calling on citizens to work together in harmony.

In a statement issued over the weekend, Persad-Bissessar said although the present economic times are difficult ones, by emulating Jesus Christ, citizens can come together to work for a better future. 

Her statement is as follows:

"The occasion of Easter is a significant one on the Christian calendar, one which holds messages of hope, rebirth and renewal."

"Following the Lenten period, a time of reflection, fasting and prayer, Holy Week marks the death and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ."

"As I join the national community in bringing greetings and best wishes to members of the Christian faith on this holy occasion, I urge all citizens to examine and draw inspiration from the teachings and life of the Lord Jesus Christ."

"Easter gives us an opportunity for reflection on and a rekindling of the values by which we must live our lives. It is important for each of us to look deeply at the lives we live, the habits we have allowed to grow and the values we may have, at one time or another, allowed to slip away."

"As we look to the example of Lord Jesus Christ, his humility, his teachings of love, compassion and of forgiveness; are all values we should seek to adopt and emulate."

"The Resurrection signifies not only renewal, but an opportunity to be better, to look out for each other and treat all with kindness and respect.

"Easter is a time for the gathering of families, and in our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society, it is celebrated in many ways, and with our own unique traditions."

"In spite of our current economic constraints, and other challenges facing our nation, I firmly believe that we are blessed in Trinidad and Tobago, because of the spirit and resilience of our people."

"I know that many citizens may be feeling increasing anxiety over what is happening in our country, especially regarding the safety and security of their loved ones, but I implore you to not lose hope."

"We are facing uncertain times, and our country’s leaders need to do more to fulfill their responsibilities to the people, they must do more to confront the problems looming over us, and provide workable solutions."

"I applaud those who have already done so much to take care of those in need, and I urge you to keep doing what you can to provide solace and hope to the downtrodden. Thousands of families are having difficulty making ends meet as a result of lost jobs and income."

"We in the United National Congress believe that by working together, we can build a stronger, more prosperous Trinidad and Tobago, and overcome the challenges that currently face our country."

"This Easter, let us all pledge to work together, to do your part to help your fellow citizens, to follow the teachings of Christ and embody hope, love, humility and compassion.  Together, we can advance our nation-building efforts and create a Trinidad and Tobago in which we can all be proud."

"Keep the faith; join hands in developing the full potential of our great nation. Let us never forget that there is always hope for a better future."

"On behalf of my family, the United National Congress, I send my best wishes to the Christian community and to all citizens for a happy and safe Easter. May God Bless our nation," she said. 


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