Monday 16 July, 2018

Opposition MP: There is a red sand shortage

Tabaquite MP Dr Surujrattan Rambachan is criticizing Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat for stating that he is not aware of a red sand crisis across Trinidad and Tobago.

Rambachan said the reality is that there is difficulty accessing red sand and as result prices have increased. He added that denial of this was laughable and further slammed the Minister for blaming the past regime for the situation.

Rambharat, during the post-cabinet news conference on Thursday, said the Estate Management Business Development Corporation Ltd (EMBD) has not been informed by the Contractors Association, of any red sand shortage.

The Opposition MP said however that the Contractors Association represents a few contractors and not the majority of truckers who supply red sand and who frequent the quarries on a daily basis for hundreds of construction sites, especially private housing.

He further reiterated that temporary licensing arrangements should have been implemented to alleviate the problem.

“The public and media spectacle of this crisis should have been replaced by temporary licensing arrangements. What a shame that when employment levels need to be increased and when increased economic activity is greatly needed the government is back to the blame game and not to resolving the issue,” he said.