Wednesday 21 August, 2019

Pan Trinbago takes NCC to court

A letter from the organisation said they have instituted legal proceedings against the NCC in light of an impasse with the Carnival body.

The letter, signed by PRO Michael Joseph, said the application for leave to apply for judicial review will be heard before Justice Kokaram on Thursday at the Hall of Justice.

Following allegations of financial mismanagement and impropriety by the Pan Trinbago Executive, Culture Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly instructed NCC to take over the gate receipts for Panorama 2017.

When contacted, Pan Trinbago President Keith Diaz, who is still on sick leave following heart surgery, told Loop that the pan body has handled the gate receipts for 19 years since the Panday regime gave Carnival stakeholders that authority. 

He said the money has been used to pay staff and other expenses and questioned how they would be able to do that if NCC took over that function.

Diaz declined to comment on the possible effect from tomorrow's judgement on Sunday's Panorama semi-finals.

Dane Gulston, head of the newly formed United Pan Players Movement, said he does not think the semis should be affected but accused Pan Trinbago of doing everything in its power to make the NCC look bad.

He said since the finals of the Single Pan on January 29, Pan Trinbago is yet to submit any information to NCC to pay the winners.

He also said Pan Trinbago has not been putting anything in place to organise workers for the Pan semis on Sunday, stating that many of them were not even paid since last year and as such are unwilling to work again. 

He said his major concern was the $1000 owed to pannists. 

"I want to see what going on with that. That might stop Panorama," he said.

Calls to Richard Forteau, Acting President of Pan Trinbago went unanswered and NCC Chairman Kenny DeSilva was said to be in meetings all morning.

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