Saturday 30 May, 2020

Pan Trinbago/NCC reach compromise in court

This, following an appearance before Justice Vasheist Kokaram at the Hall of Justice on Thursday afternoon.

Pan Trinbago initiated legal proceedings against NCC following the Minister of Culture's orders that the Commission manage the gate receipts for all Carnival 2017 pan events.

In the lawsuit, Pan Trinbago contests that they are entitled to the proceeds from the ticket sales from the Panorama semi-finals and finals. NCC, however, says it is entitled to the proceeds as it is managing all the Carnival events.

When both parties appeared before Justice Kokaram, they produced a consent order in which the NCC agreed to collect the money from the ticket sales and hold it in escrow.

Pan Trinbago agreed to continue to manage all other aspects of the competitions.

The case was adjourned to April 27 for case management. 

Richard Forteau, Acting President of Pan Trinbago, told Loop the body will have its day in court over two days in June. 

He said the issue is not just about money but political victimisation.

"Pan Trinbago has gone to court to find out after 1998 when we would have had a Cabinet decision to give the interest groups their part of carnival to manage how come in 2017 that was taken away. In fact, in 2016 that was taken away from the NCBA, they didn't say anything but we at Pan Trinbago we not going to sit down and allow it to happen without a legal challenge," he said. 


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