Tuesday 27 October, 2020

Panorama semis: Renegades still on top

Bp Renegades has retained its lead in the National Panorama competition topping the Semi-Final round three points ahead of pan rival Desperadoes with an aggregate of 279 points.

The defending champion, playing a Duvone Stewart arrangement of Batson/George/Galt/Hilsmeier/Henry collaboration of “Hookin Meh” vocalised by Farmer Nappy, performed at position four in the Large Band category.

Also maintaining its lead in the Medium Band category was Pan Elders. The Southern based steel orchestra wowed the adjudication panel with its rendition of Owen Reyes Johnson’s “The Will”. They amassed 275 points.

Ten bands in the Medium and an equal number in the Large Band category will compete in the Grand Finals at Carnival City, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, on Saturday, March 2 from 6 pm.  Tickets are on sale at the advertised outlets and online.

The results are as follows:

Medium Conventional Bands

1.Pan Elders                                                              The Will                                                               275      

2. Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille        The Phung-uh Nung Sweet                                           273

3.Katzenjammers                                                    Stranger                                                                 272

4.NGC Couva Joylanders                                      Fire In The Area                                                      271

5.Curepe Scherzando                                             Yuh Lookin For Horn                                              270

6.Pamberi                                                                   Gyal Owner                                                         267

7.NGC Steel Xplosion                                            Sing In the Party                                                      262

8.Melodians                                                              Hookin Meh                                                           260

9.NLCB Valley Harps                                             Music (Dingolay)                                                     258

10. Sangre Grande Cordettes                              Professor Say                                                            253

11. St. Margaret’s Super Stars                              Hookin Meh                                                              252

12. SArima Angel Harps                                        Iron Love                                                                 251

12. San City Steel Symphony                                Madness                                                                  251

14. Power Stars                                                         Iron Love                                                              249


Large Conventional Bands

1.bptt Renegades                                                     Hookin Meh                                              279

2.Desperadoes                                                        Iron Love                                                   276

3.Shell Invaders                                                       Hookin Meh                                               271

3.HADCO Phase II Pan Groove                          Party Start                                                      271

3 Caribbean Airlines Skiffle                                  So Long                                                         271

6. Massy Trinidad All Stars                                  So Long                                                         268

7. Nutrien Silver Stars                                            Rag Storm                                                   266

7. First Citizen Supernovas                                  Hookin Meh                                                   266

9. Republic Bank Exodus                                      Rag Storm                                                    265

10. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps                       Rag Storm                                                       264

11 NLCB Buccooneers                                            Madness                                                     263

12. NLCB Fonclaire                                                 Heart of Love                                              261

13. Birdsong                                                              Hookin Meh                                              259

14. MHTL Starlift                                                     Alive And Well                                   256                                                 
















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