Friday 15 November, 2019

Parent demands speedy fix to air condition unit at P/Town School

Parents of students attending the Princes Town East Secondary School are condemning the lengthy repair time of an air conditioning unit at the compound.

The parents initiated protest action at the beginning of the school term as they said their children are the ones suffering.

The protest action continued as recently as September 15, with parents taking their placards to the office of the Minister in the Ministry of Education, Dr Lovell Francis.

A concerned parent, speaking with Loop TT on Tuesday, claimed teachers are attending work and leaving by midday.

She said while teachers are protected by the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Associations, children attending the school are the ones suffering.

The woman said some form one students are not familiar with their form teacher, while form five students are not prepared for the Caribbean Examination Council Exam.

The concerned parent said as a result of the design of the school, the air conditioning unit must be repaired.

The woman is calling on the authorities to look into the matter and have it resolved speedily, adding that students need to be returned to a level of normalcy.

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