Saturday 18 January, 2020

Parents favour eldest child according to research

Most children like to believe they are their parents' favourite but if you are the eldest child you might actually be right. 

New research shows that parents tend to favour their first born over all others.

The study, conducted at the University of California, shows that out of 768 parents surveyed, 70 per cent of mothers and 74 per cent of fathers admitted to having a favourite child.

The parents didn't specify which child was their favourite but the results implied it was the eldest.

A total of 384 families were studied; with all participants living in a family with two parents and two children where the children were born within four years of each other.

All the children in the study were asked if they felt their parents treated them differently, and whether this affected their self-esteem. Younger children were more likely to report having low self-esteem caused by their parents’ favouritism than first-born children, suggesting that it is generally older siblings who receive special treatment.

The study was led by Katherine Conger, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of California. 


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