Friday 30 October, 2020

Parents ignore Garcia, more students stay home on Ash Wednesday

Parents seemingly did not heed the call of Education Minister Anthony Garcia as the number of students who attended school on Ash Wednesday decreased from 2018.

A statement by the Ministry of Education (MoE) notes that while more teachers showed up for school this year, students did the opposite, more so, secondary school students.

“Reports indicate that only 19 percent of our secondary school students were in their classrooms as compared to 21 percent last year. Notwithstanding students’ attendance at primary school remains the same at 31 percent.”

Minister Garcia expressed dissatisfaction with the turnout by students and slammed parents for their failure to set a good example for their children.

“Once again, students have been kept at home and the question is if parents are sending the right messages to their children. There is school on Ash Wednesday as life continues after Carnival celebrations”.

Meanwhile, the Ministry reveals that thousands of primary and secondary school teachers turned out to work. Reports submitted by school supervisors indicate an increase in teachers’ attendance in both primary and secondary schools. In the case of primary schools, 82 percent of teachers turned out showing an increase of three percent when compared to last year’s attendance of 79 percent. Meanwhile, secondary school teachers’ attendance was even greater at 76 percent when compared to 71 percent in 2018.

The Education Minister stressed the need for parental involvement in ensuring that children receive a quality education.

 “Our teachers have proven that our students are a priority and parents must now show that their children’s education is paramount to them. The Ministry will continue to do its part to provide a quality education to all and I look forward to parents making the best of what is being provided.”

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