Sunday 20 October, 2019

Pedestrians account for 36% of road deaths

While there has been a decrease in fatal road traffic accidents for the year thus far when compared to figures for the same period last year, the Police Service is warning motorists to remain alert on the nation’s roadways to prevent road fatalities.

For the period January 2017 to present, there were 33 fatal road traffic accidents resulting in 36 deaths representing a 37 percent and 39 percent respectively, when compared to the corresponding period 2016, with the figures at 52 fatal road traffic accidents and 59 deaths.

Through the Police Service’s ‘iRoadsafe Campaign’, citizens have been educated on the practice of road safety throughout the year. Police have conducted simulation exercises with members of the public during events, as well as visited schools and other organisations.

According to statistics, the majority of RTAs occur between 9pm and 12 midnight, so drivers are strongly advised to take precaution during this time.

The Police Service has advised citizens to do everything to remain alert, which includes not drinking alcohol, resting before driving, limit possible driving distractions, not overtaking at corners or at crest of hills.

The Police Service has also advised citizens to be especially alert for pedestrians in areas where lighting on roadways are poor, since pedestrians have accounted for 36 percent of road deaths for the year thus far.

With the advent of the rainy season, vehicle owners and drivers are urged to ensure that their brakes are in proper order, windshield wipers are in good condition, tyres are good inclusive of the pressure, lights are all functional: headlights, park and indicator lights, and comply with the speed limit.

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