Tuesday 21 May, 2019

Penal, Debe, Barrackpore residents hit by flooding 'worse than Bret'

Flooding captured in Penal on June 21, 2017.

Flooding captured in Penal on June 21, 2017.

Rising water levels across the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation has left some residents isolated in flooding that is significantly worse than what was experienced in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Bret.

That’s according to the area’s Regional Corporation Chairman, Allen Sammy, who was speaking with Loop TT on Thursday morning.

“It’s all in the Barrackpore area, throughout Penal/Debe. It’s worse than Bret I think, judging from the severity of the flooding and how widespread it is. So it’s bad, it’s all over.”

Sammy says preliminary reports indicate that hundreds are marooned in their homes with thousands more expected to be in a similar situation. He says these residents are isolated and cut off due to impassable roads.

These areas include Woodland, Barrackpore, Penal, Debe, along the SS Erin Road and environs.

According to Sammy, some families have already been evacuated from Batchia Branch Trace #1 and Batchia Trace #2 as well as Woodland areas. They are seeking refuge in the homes of loved ones.

 “We got called last night to move out some people, they went to family and we have got a request already this morning for residents of the Batchia area to be removed.”

The Corporation Chairman says he anticipates that the situation may prolong into the weekend.

“The low tide was supposed to be at 4 o’clock this morning so we’re still in a low-tide mode but the volume of the water is so much that the tidal movements make little difference at this time. We believe it’s going to get worse from what I’ve heard, based on what has been happening since last night, it’s going to get worse today. So today is going to be a red letter day, into tomorrow and Sunday.”

Despite the torrential downpours that continue to batter these areas, Sammy expressed confidence that residents are prepared.

“There is nothing except to say that we have already alerted people and they have the experience of stocking up with water, with food and so on. So I don’t expect to be many requests for food and water in the short term. Even to get food and water to them will be a challenge for us, I’m sure we will have to activate our dinghies again.”


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