Friday 3 July, 2020

Pennywise refutes claims of unfair work practices

Local cosmetics store Pennywise has refuted claims circulating online of unfair practices toward its workers.

In a statement shared to their social media page, the company said the defamatory claims are untrue and were created by a fake profile in order to tarnish the company’s reputation.

Earlier this week a post was shared to several Facebook pages accusing the company of forcing workers to stand for long hours, checking the duration of bathroom breaks and not filing National Insurance payments. 

The company replied however that the accusations are malicious and unfounded:

“We were recently made aware of this defamatory post written by a fake profile created today with the purpose of tarnishing the reputation of our company. Samantha Singh is neither currently nor previously employed by our company and it is evident that the account is not a legitimate account and ask that the public not believe everything they read at face value.”

“Regarding the claims made in the aforementioned post:

“We confirm that some employees may have to stand for several hours during the work day given the nature of their job. However, employees are made aware of this requirement prior to their acceptance of the job and are allotted paid break periods during their work hours.”

The company added that a policy of signing in while using toilets was the result of vandalism.

“Only one of our branches has recently implemented a policy of signing in before using the toilets. This was commenced after one or more employees began defacing the walls and doors of the toilets with vulgar writings and drawings.”

“The manager at that branch first spoke to the staff, repainted the toilets and changed the doors twice within one month before deciding to take this additional measure in an attempt to find the culprit. This particular action is intended to be short-term until the issue has been rectified,” the company said.

Pennywise said the other claims are “untrue and unsubstantiated”.

“Pennywise Cosmetics Ltd employs 900 citizens with 40% of them working in the company for over ten years. This alone can attest to the fact that our employees are treated not only fairly but with the highest standard of respect and care.”

“We strive to create a healthy, safe and enjoyable work environment for all our employees. We welcome any formal investigations by any government agencies and assure customers that we will continue to work to provide the excellent customer service they deserve,” the company said.

The company added that that staff are paid three bonuses per year along with health insurance for permanent workers.

They said the issue of slanderous posts is concerning.

“The problem with slanderous posts on social media is that they are easy to make and for some reason the public believes them and the onus is on the victims of the slander to prove the accuser wrong.”

“If Pennywise was such a terrible company we would not have so many permanent staff members at our branches. There are many other examples to show that we treat our staff at a standard way higher than is required but we do not feel that we have to share all of them. We refuse to allow this malicious individual to tarnish our name and we sincerely hope our loyal customers will see through this attempt to bring this company to disrepute,” the company said.


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