Friday 29 May, 2020

Petrotrin: Gulf of Paria oil spill resolved

Petrotrin is assuring citizens that an oil spill which was identified on Thursday was addressed in a timely manner and has since been resolved.

The company said in a statement that after it received reports of the spill in its Trinmar Soldado North Field Operations around 7:10 am on Thursday, the company’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Operations immediately responded.

The company said the source of the leak was identified, the line isolated and by 10:30 am there were no further leaks.

The company said the estimated volume of spilled hydrocarbon is approximately 1.8 barrels.

They said clean-up activities ended by about 3:30 pm and marine surveillance exercises were conducted across the entire North and Main fields on Thursday afternoon.

The company said there were no further sightings of oil. Shorelines in the neighbouring areas were also checked and found to be clear of oil.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) said there was no oil impact to the shoreline between Icacos and La Brea from the Oil Spill.

The EMA will however, conduct a joint site visit with the Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard on Friday to verify that the clean-up is in fact complete to their satisfaction.

Members of the public and marine interests are kindly asked to report any sightings of crude oil in the area by contacting the EMA’ s Emergency Hotline at 680-9588 or email via

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