Saturday 4 April, 2020

Photos of Macqueripe Beach pollution go viral

Some Trinidadians are again being lambasted for polluting the popular Macqueripe Beach.

A social media post by Nicolette Betaudier showed bottles, beer cans and other rubbish which could clearly be seen through the beach's clear waters.

"Dear Trinidadian beach-goers . . . Ignorance is clearly bliss. Look at the lovely clean beach!"

"Yes so clean...beacuse you left your trash in the water. It's there, just moving to and fro with the tide."

"Look at what lies just a few feet away from where your children play."

"If it's a hassle to find a bin or carry it with you, then it's just as much a hassle to get it to the beach."

"The ocean is not a garbage bin."

Citizens have shared the post in disgust, calling once again on citizens to have pride in their country and clean up after themselves. 

"Why is it so hard to throw away rubbish and not litter," said Facebook user Kia M.

"No pride in our beautiful free natural resources............. honestly when they privatize it and make people pay to visit like Pigeon Point THEN they would do what they should do naturally......... cause like they can't do the right thing unless somebody standing over them with a big stick," said Michelle Rojas de Gourville.

"Time to bring back the "chase Charlie away" campaign yes. This is despicable!" Renalta Lowe said.

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