Saturday 11 July, 2020

Guardian Life, Pink Hibiscus offer women low-cost breast screenings

Pink Hibiscus Breast Health Specialists and Guardian Life of the Caribbean have formed a strategic partnership to ensure that as many women as possible get affordable access to combat breast cancer. 

The specialist centre is the first fully accredited centre in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider English-speaking Caribbean and provides a number of services to women including digital mammograms, ultrasounds, risk assessments, biopsies, and breast cancer support. 

They have previously partnered with Scotiabank, creating outreach programmes to provide free assessments to women in underprivileged areas across the country.

In the same vein, they have teamed up with Guardian Life Insurance to provide low-cost assessment and screenings exclusively for women who have health policies with the top-tier insurance provider. 

“We’ve tried to expand our services to reach those who are financially challenged at times," said Dr. Rajendra Rampaul, Surgical Oncologist and Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgeon. Rampaul also works as a breast specialist at Pink Hibiscus.

With that said, women who have signed up for health policies with Guardian Life will have $100 co-pay access to preventative breast health care. For women over 40, this includes risk assessments and breast screenings. 

"We have a vision to provide accessible care for everyone and our partnership with Guardian Life comes into play more when you talk about a $100 co-pay access to preventative breast health care. Guardian Life has worked with us to find a way to make breast screening more affordable, so women who sign up with them can access this package which includes risk assessment and breast screening. This is major considering we're not talking about a one-off screening. Screenings should be done annually," he advised.  

He stated that their mission is to be the champion of breast screening and breast cancer diagnosis and provide all aspects of quality breast care under one roof, complete with the latest technologies which include pain-free mammograms.

“This is important since there’s been a historical shying away from mammograms in this country because women are afraid of the traditionally painful procedure," said Rampaul. 

"We've partnered with a leading hospital in London to properly read mammograms. By doing so, we’re able to leverage bringing international care to Trinidad and Tobago, so women who come to us aren’t just limited to the expertise in Trinidad.

"Ten to fifteen years ago, they said you couldn’t cure cancer, but that’s not true today. You can cure cancer: technology, surgery, and medicine are more advanced than before. But we struggle when we don't catch it in time. It can be combatted, but we need to be in a position to have caught it early."

Rampaul is positive that partnerships like the one with Guardian Life will encourage more women to undergo early screenings and by extension, reduce the rates of breast cancer, which is the number one type of cancer in women in Trinidad and Tobago.  

"We’re delighted to be a part of Guardian Life and give affordable breast health care to women. We’re optimistic that more women would be able to access health screening so we’d be in a better position to save more lives."

Visit Pink Hibiscus' website and follow them on Facebook for more information. Additionally, members of the public or persons whose company has a Health plan with Guardian Life can contact their Guardian Life representative, visit their website at, or call 226-MYGG/ 226-LIFE. 


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