Tuesday 11 December, 2018

PLIPDECO to remove ‘hidden cameras’ from ‘change room’ after protest

The Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation (PLIPDECO) has agreed to remove three cameras at its terminal clerk workstation, following protest action by workers yesterday.

A video posted on Facebook showed the cameras ‘hidden’ at the terminal clerk workstation.

Workers downed tools after making the discovery, claiming invasion of privacy.

The angry workers claimed that the workstation is used as a changing room.

Addressing the protesting workers yesterday, PLIPDECO President Ashely Taylor apologised to the workers and assured that the cameras would be removed.

Taylor met with the union representatives on the matter before addressing them.

Video footage of him speaking with the group of workers was also shared to Facebook.

“On behalf of the corporation we reservedly apologise for the circumstances of the situation for this particular incident and we give the full assurance that this is not our style of management. It is an unfortunate situation and I give the assurance that this will never occur again and that there are no other instances of cameras installed anywhere on any of our facilities without the knowledge of the workers. In fact, as we speak I’ve already given instructions that those particular cameras be removed forthwith and that whatever information was collected from those cameras would be deleted,” Taylor said.

He said he was not aware that the room was used by workers as a changing room.

Taylor said measures would be taken to ensure that workers are given privacy.

“I was not aware that the room was also being used as a change room for both male and female employees. So I give you my assurance as well that as of next week we will start putting plans in place to ensure the female workers have the kind of privacy that they deserve and that they need when they are required to change,” the PLIPDECO official said.

Taylor also gave the assurance that no disciplinary action will be taken the employees.

He said he recognises the right of employees to take rightful industrial action where applicable, and as such employees could rest assured that they will not be victimised.

Taylor said the workers who participated in the protest will be paid as normal.

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