Wednesday 27 May, 2020

PLOTT: T&T must break the cycle of domestic violence

Trinidad and Tobago must take action to break the cycle of domestic violence which led to the brutal murder of Anita Bahadur as well as others, said one advocacy group on Wednesday.

Director of advocacy group Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and Tobago (PLOTT), Gillian Wall, said in a statement on Wednesday that the time is now for citizens to take action and put a stop to these crimes against victims of domestic violence. 

"First of all, our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Anita Bahadur."

"The aggression and violence across T&T is spiraling out of control. Frustration becomes anger and anger becomes rage, hurt comes anger and anger becomes rage. People are hurting and angry and not getting the help they need, whether that help is psychological, emotional, physical or financial. We have to begin paying closer attention to what’s happening across T&T."

"Domestic violence, gang violence, all violence is spreading like an epidemic, there are varied socio-economic contributors but we all have a part to play. We’ve all got to better value our citizens right to life and protect that right vehemently. Citizen security is at serious risk and must become a priority for us all."

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Wall said citizens need to take action in whatever way they can, be it contacting their representatives or forming networks within their communities. 

"Gather - Get your friends, families and colleagues together, get your networks and communities together, help others bring theirs together as well. Fight the complacency and learned helplessness."

"Care deeply enough to do something, take responsibility - We’ve got to create an environment of social responsibility. We’re the ones who can, must and will transform T&T. We need EYES EVERYWHERE, HELPING HANDS EVERYWHERE, HEARTS AND MINDS EVERYWHERE."

"We can do this, innately we are a caring people, WE NEED CARING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. If you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. Look around you, what’s not right or simply does not appear to be right? SAY SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING! Report it, write about it, speak about it, bring people together to discuss your concerns and what you should, can, must and will do about it."

"Unite and Align - This is the process of nation building, people coming together to discuss and correct the ills of our society, people coming together to create the society we want. TOGETHER WE CONQUER DIVIDED WE FALL. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER! Help us rebuild the village that once raised our children, help us make T&T safe and secure again. Where do you feel safe and secure, and why?"

The group said that it starts with small steps.

"Do your part to create a society of integrity and social responsibility. Keep it simple - begin where you are at. Baby steps become giant leaps. Stop condoning wrongdoing - Stop condoning and justifying wrongdoing at every level in our society, its not okay."

"Whether in our homes, workplaces, communities, on political platforms, in our public and private sector institutions, say it out loud now “This is not okay.”"

"Remind yourself that no matter how small the wrong doing, no matter how small the lie, it’s just not okay. This creates awareness of your actions and begins the process of you correcting what’s wrong."

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"This is some of what’s destroying us as a society, us not taking responsibility for our lack of integrity, us comparing and justifying our little lies against the big ones told on political platforms or around boardroom tables."

"However, these little lies, all of our lies are what’s tearing us apart as a society, it’s what’s killing trust, confidence and integrity. So, if you are engaged in wrongdoing, even if you or a loved one have been doing so for your own survival, BREAK THE CYCLE."

"Rest In Peace Anita Bahadur, we’re sorry we failed you. We take responsibility," the group said.

On Wednesday, Bahadur was brutally stabbed to death by an ex-lover in San Juan. The suspect, who was reportedly beaten by witnesses, remains in police custody. 

Bahadur, 27, was a mother of four.

As of Wednesday night, this brought the total number of women killed so far in 2018, to 14.


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