Sunday 23 February, 2020

PM defends comments regarding guns, ammo found in central mosque

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is seeking to reassure members of the Muslim community that he in no way supports discrimination against any religious group.

Dr Rowley issued a statement on Monday after he received flack for his comments regarding the guns and ammunition found at a masjid at Monroe Road, Cunupia last week. Addressing a People’s National Movement political meeting in Barataria on Wednesday night, the Prime Minister defended police raids in mosques and masjids after the high powered weapons were found.

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In the release today Dr Rowley justified his position saying he wanted to highlight the fact that illegal items can be found even in religious organizations.

“The recent weapons find at a Munroe Road Mosque was mentioned purely in the context that there may be times when this kind of action of a few will and must involve an intervention of the State Security Services, in the interest and security of all and must not therefore be seen or wrongfully interpreted as an attack on a religious group or the persecution of the vast majority of members of that religion who are by and large peaceful, law- abiding citizens. The recent news item simply underscores the point that it is understandable that there may be instances where law enforcement may receive information of unacceptable, unlawful conduct even at a place of worship.”

The Prime Minister said he was confident that these reasonable positions would be received by the right thinking citizens of all persuasions, religious or otherwise and that those citizens will roundly reject all attempts to politicize and misrepresent necessary law enforcement as religious persecution.

“With respect to these vulnerabilities of our society being utilized for nefarious or political advancement, such endeavours should be roundly condemned, not just by the Government but by all facets of the national leadership of our country.”

“To do otherwise is to gamble with our cherished stability and a rejection of our commitment that in this land “every creed and race” will find an equal place, to live in peace, harmony and prosperity.”


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