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Wednesday 12 August, 2020

PM, Deyalsingh issue further warning to bars

Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley and Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh are calling on bars to exercise discipline as best as possible as COVID-19 regulations of the industry continue. 

Speaking at a media conference earlier today, Minister Deyalsingh said that while he was largely pleased with the behaviours of street food vendors, bar operators still posed some concern to him. 

“This is not about punishing bars. This is about asking both bar owners and patrons to consume your alcohol responsibly,” he said. 

Deyalsingh explained that when alcohol enters the body, judgement can be impaired and inhibitions are forgotten. In a contagious pandemic like COVID-19, Deyalsingh says patrons can’t afford to take anything for granted. 

“If you look globally, many of the countries that have to re-lockdown, the reasoning is because places of social interaction where alcohol is a main driver of that social lubricant, those entities become the local epicentres for new spread and the entire local community, that county, that town, that city, is adversely affected,” he explained. 

The Prime Minister, responding to whether concerns raised by bar owners about their 12-hour limit would be addressed, explained that until police officers have a handle on errant behaviour now, there’s no change on the horizon. 

“Until the police tell me that they are in a position to make a re-doubling of the effort to individually prosecute people who are doing that, the best that we can operationally do is to hold it where we have it now at the moment,” the PM said. 

Dr Rowley also added that there’s an added responsibility for bar owners as opposed to other businesses because they have a very unique service. 

“The business that they are engaged in is a business that is calling people to violate the protocols; there’s no other business doing that,” he said. 

The PM said that if both individual and institutional responsibility can be observed, he’d be happy to review their parameters.  

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