Saturday 31 October, 2020

PM SKERRIT: UWP not fit to serve the people of Dominica

Prime Minister the Hon Roosevelt Skerrit has accused the opposition of copying his party’s election manifesto.

In an address to supporters at the Delices rally on Sunday night, PM Skerrit said this blatant plagiarism, is proof that the United Workers Party lacks the vision, dedication and passion necessary to produce an original document, and aren’t fit to lead or serve the people of Dominica.

 “When you are contesting an election ladies and gentlemen, the manifesto is the most important document. It’s where you articulate your vision, your plans for the country for the next five years and beyond” he told supporters.

He said it is imperative that citizens exercise their right to vote, as this election is arguably the most important in Dominica’s political history.

The Prime Minister said in times of crisis, the people of Dominica know they can rely on the Labour party to steer the ship safely home. He said the UWP is self-serving and not at all interested in serving the people.

“The first 28 days Mr Linton said what he’s going to do is not for me and you. It’s not to fix the roads, it’s not to ensure we have medicine in the hospitals and clinics. It is to deliver the passports he got money for” he said.

He said there is evidence to support claims that the opposition leader signed a Memorandum of Understanding and has collected an estimated US$800 000, for passports he’s expected to deliver, if he wins the December 6 election.

“Who else is he owing and what is he owing these people? Mr Linton is not yet in government and is already attempting to sell Dominica. Understand this, this guy has been parading around the streets as if he’s a paragon of virtue. He’s a scamp for what he has been trying to do, trying to destroy Dominica” he said.

Prime Minister Skerrit said Dominica’s future now rests in the hands of citizens. He urged them to consider all the facts when casting their ballot on Election Day.

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