Thursday 1 October, 2020

PNM Women's League condemns 'harassment' of PM

The PNM Women's League has come out in defence of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley after his private mobile number was shared to the public, forcing the number to be rendered out of service after he was inundated with calls. 

In a statement, head of the group, Camille Robinson-Regis, who is also the Minister of Planning and Urban Development, condemned opposition member Devant Maharaj, who shared the number, calling the behaviour 'irresponsible and churlish'.

"It is with great disappointment that the PNM's National Women's League notes the irresponsible and churlish behaviour of Devant Maharaj. The League is convinced that it is national knowledge that Devant is a failed politician who would grasp at anything to make himself relevant in the political landscape. In fact his only forum is social media and even there his audience is rapidly shrinking because rational citizens would not buy the filth he is pedalling, his latest attack however has crossed an ethical line. The League is aware that Mr. Maharaj maliciously revealed the Prime Minister’s personal cell phone number on social media. Not content to just destroy the Prime Minister’s privacy he also breached National Security by his asinine attention- mongering," the group said.

The Women's League said Dr Rowley is a 'servant of the people' and has always made himself available.

"The Women's League wants Mr. Maharaj to take a minute and consider that this Prime Minister is a servant of the people. Unlike his predecessor Dr.Rowley has always made himself available to the people. He has extensive outreach through ‘Conversations with the Prime Minister’, his numerous community meetings, as well as regular forays into traditional as well as social media, which all form part of his sterling record of being readily accountable to the people. Citizens of this country are free to talk with our leader at any time," the group said.

The group asked Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar to reach out to Maharaj and intervene.

"The Woman’s League is appealing to the Opposition Leader to put aside her usual indifference and reach out to Devant Maharaj. As one of her ardent foot soldiers we urge her to extend herself and give him the attention he desperately seeks. His recent irrational behaviour is especially disturbing as it goes beyond his normal obsession with stirring racial strife."

"The League is concerned that this particular call for chaos as well as his usual penchant for stoking violence along with his history of inciting lawlessness seem to be cries for professional help. As his leader it is her moral duty to help him."

The group asked Persad-Bissessar to condemn this 'latest guerrilla gambit' and demanded that Maharaj apologise. 

"We live in a nation where common decency is cherished by most and Devant’s desperate actions must be condemned by ALL right thinking citizens," the group said. 

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