Thursday 12 December, 2019

PNM Women's League: Don't be a hypocrite, Barry

PNM National Women's League Chairman Camille Robinson-Regis.

PNM National Women's League Chairman Camille Robinson-Regis.

The People's National Movement (PNM) National Women's League is chastising Opposition MP Barry Padarath for his hypocrisy in response to comments made about his child.

This follows a row that broke out between himself and Culture Minister Dr Nyaan Gadsby-Dolly at the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives on Friday. 

Padarath had queried a $4,000 cake for Carifesta in which Minister Gadsby-Dolly explained cost $8 a slice for 500 volunteers. She said she understood that he might have been out of touch as a new parent and he retorted that he needed no parenting advice from her.

Issuing a comment to the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday following the incident, Padarath warned Government officials not to speak about his child.

In response, the Women's League reminded the Princes Town MP that people in the PNM, including the Prime Minister, have all had their children attacked by the United National Congress (UNC).

"Dr. Rowley’s children have borne the brunt of disgusting accusations and disturbing scrutiny by Vernella  Alleyne-Toppin, we wonder if Opposition Members wondered about Dr Rowley’s children’s feelings when their father’s character was disgustingly impugned and the circumstances of their birth was lied about in the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago. Where was MP Padarath’s outrage when the member for Oropouche East raised issues about the children of the Attorney General in the Parliament and their photographs were smeared all over the front pages of the newspapers."

"Additionally, how concerned was MP Padarath when the Minister of National Security had his personal integrity questioned when the child of a former partner was arrested and once again when that young lady was referred to disparagingly in the Opposition Leader’s Budget Response.  We recall the unnecessary din by the Opposition when they maligned Minister of Finance Colm Imbert‘s son simply because his phone was stolen, and the police responded. There were even accusations of large salary payouts which were outright brassfaced lies."

The League further called on Padarath to be fair in his condemnation of this type of behaviour. 

"Indeed, what makes MP Paradath’s outburst very hypocritical not only his silence about these attacks and the fact that he has participated either through his silence or actively, but also to date no one from the Government has spoken about his child’s sudden appearance. In fact the Government Members even offered him advice on parenting, which can only be seen as commendable."

Meanwhile, the women's arm of the PNM cautioned the UNC MP whom it said has a history of exhibiting hysteria and temper tantrums during Parliamentary sittings.

The group also urged him to check within his own camp for persons making ill comments about his infant daughter. 

"The League stands by Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly who is being pilloried. The League however, as a collective of concerned mothers offers the following advice to the young man from Princes Town. He needs to audit his circle and he may then find who are the ones who are discussing his offspring. It is not the PNM. The League also takes this opportunity to remind MP Padarath that what is good for the goose is good for the gander."

"The League urges the Opposition to leave children out of the cut and thrust of politics."

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