Wednesday 11 December, 2019

Point Fortin woman's face shattered by attacker

The Point Fortin community experienced a myriad of feelings on Tuesday as a daughter of the soil was bludgeoned to death, hours before Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley was accompanied by Cabinet Ministers to the community for the ‘Conversations with the Prime Minister’ series.   

Forensic Pathologist Dr Valerie Alexandrov, speaking with Loop TT, said 23-year-old Kellian Shane was murdered in cold blood. He revealed that the mother of a 4-year-old girl was beaten to death with a piece of wood to the face. He said her killer used such force that her entire facial skeleton was crushed into pieces.

“She was brutally killed, a result of having been beaten to the head with a piece of heavy 2x4. I don’t know how many times she was hit to the face but her facial bones were completely shattered into pieces including her frontal bone, forehead, cheekbones, nasal bones, they were such a solid bone as the upper jaw so the facial skeleton was crushed to pieces.”

Dr Alexandrov explained that Kellian would not have been able to return to a normal life had she survived the ordeal, as some of her facial bones caused injury to the brain as a result of the beating.

“Some of those pieces which were fractured from the bone, they were driven into the brain causing injury to the brain.”

The Forensic Pathologist could not say whether the 23-year-old woman was sexually assaulted before she died. However, Kellian was found with only a T-shirt and her bloodied underwear tossed aside, not far from her body.

“I did not see any signs, I mean physical activity, no bruises no signs on her private parts. The bottom line is, still I took swabs.”

At the 'Conversations with the Prime Minister' series, Point Fortin resident Tiffany George said Kellian had shown interest in joining a Non-Governmental Organisation at Southern Gardens. She said a homework centre was created to assist children in the community and added that Kellian wanted to teach sewing but there were not any facilities that would allow for the class.

George pleaded for assistance to acquire vacant land, noting that Kellian's death was one that struck a blow to her efforts.

“Right now she is dead. I am seeing that as a lost opportunity to positively engage someone who wanted to contribute.”

Dr Rowley advised George to speak with her MP, National Security Minister Edmund Dillon and further stated that she should continue on her journey toward improving her community.

“With respect to the loss of your associate these are the tragedies that we are facing, I don't know the circumstances of her death but I want to appeal to you, do not allow these developments to steer you away from the path that you are engaged upon which is to be a community person, to be a positive contributor to national development.”

Meanwhile, Minister Dillon said he had heard the news of Kellian’s death and reiterated the Government’s commitment to the fight against crime.

“I’m saddened by the amount of death that’s taken place, the amount of murder that’s taken place and that’s what we are measured by. But we will not [lose] hope ladies and gentlemen. This Government and the agencies of National Security will continue to pursue relentlessly, our effort to reduce the murder rate in Trinidad and Tobago, to reduce the crime in Trinidad and Tobago.”

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