Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Pointe-a-Pierre MP calls for higher police presence after attack

Pointe-a-Pierre MP David Lee is calling on the Minister of National Security and the TTPS to take immediate action in various parts of the constituency, following the brutal attack against Kemba Olufemi at Tropical Plaza on Monday.

In a statement issued one day after the incident, Lee said both the Minister and police service ought to institute more police patrols, public surveillance mechanisms and set up strategic mobile police posts within the community.

He said this is necessary as crimes such as these have caused residents to become fearful for their lives.

“Citizens have become so traumatised by crime that some witnessed yesterday’s attacks but were not compelled to assist Kemba as they were also afraid of becoming possible victims themselves.” 

“Enough is enough as the people of my constituency have been under constant attack and threat from the rogue criminal element which has been plaguing the communities of Marabella, Claxton Bay, Macaulay, St. Margarets, Pranz and Phoenix Park in the past two years.””

According to the Opposition MP, Pointe-a-Pierre has seen 12 months of an unabated crime wave which has spurned out of control causing grave hindrances, injustice and tragedy to the people of the area.

“In the past months the number of unlawful home entries have increased, robberies in villages and in the urban centres of the constituency have intensified while there has been a significant increase in the brutal attacks on the lives of citizens in this once easy going and peaceful community.”

He said apart from the horrific loss of life and talent due to crime, the business community has also taken a significant blow in already tough economic times. Lee said firms are being made to reduce their hours of operations, hire additional security personnel from decreasing profits; some have been robbed on numerous occasions while many have recorded a notable drop in clientele due to security concerns.

The MP said Pointe-a-Pierre can be described as the energy capital of Trinidad and Tobago and added that it was disastrous to think that this nation's major revenue earning industry is situated in a "crime bed".

“We must deal with this notion forthwith. In September 2016 I was able to meet with the Minister of National Security with other Central MPs to discuss the issue of crime. Since then nothing has been done and the situation is now "out of hand". It is time the Police are given the resources to be able to constantly monitor, patrol and even base within certain communities to restore law and order.”

Lee said we cannot continue to lose this war on crime as we run the risk of losing our very unique way of life.


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