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Saturday 15 August, 2020

Mayor meets with Naps parents, Pointe-a-Pierre traffic plan updated

Photo courtesy the San Fernando City Corporation.

Photo courtesy the San Fernando City Corporation.

Private vehicles only are permitted to approach Library Corner via Pointe-a-Pierre Road in San Fernando. 

Meanwhile, all taxis and goods vehicles will enter High Street through Short Street or St James Street.

The adjustment to a new traffic plan implemented on Tuesday comes as the Principal and parents at Naparima Girls' High School met with San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello on Wednesday afternoon to discuss challenges encountered with the new plan.

The changes come into effect from 6 am on Thursday.

The previous iteration of the plan saw the introduction of one-way traffic flow along Pointe-a-Pierre Road between Short Street and Library Corner heading in a southerly direction.

Traffic heading south along Pointe-a-Pierre Road had to enter the inner city via Short, Mon Chagrin or Penitence Streets from 6 am to 6 pm on weekdays, while goods vehicles had to enter the city from Mon Chagrin or Penitence Streets. 

The plan was introduced on a trial basis to assist in alleviating traffic congestion in the main city area.

The Mayor thanked those present at the emergency meeting on Wednesday for their feedback and recommendations.

He noted that Library Corner poses a unique challenge with traffic congestion, as it is a junction where six streets meet and is a central hub for commuters. Part of managing this challenge includes the traffic related to Naparima Girls' High School, situated atop La Pique Hill, which houses in excess of 800 students, where students are picked up and dropped off at peak hours.

"I am duty-bound to inform the public that the Council may not always get it right, but will continue in its quest to provide meaningful solutions that would bring relief to commuters," the Mayor said.

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