Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Police Commissioner: Person in video not a TTPS officer

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said a person circulating in a video which was alleged to have been a police officer is false, and that the person is a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF).

Griffith issued the statement following video footage circulating online which showed a man in uniform taking an envelope and placing it in his pocket during a recent police exercise at an alleged pyramid scheme in La Horquetta. 

Griffith said: '...In total contrast to what is being stated, the individual in the video and photograph being circulated is NOT an officer of the TTPS. He is NOT a member of SORT. He is NOT a Special Reserve Police Officer (SRP).'

'He is in fact a serving member of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force who was part of the operation, which is usually done in similar fashion to the IATF operations. The uniform worn as seen in the photograph and video is also NOT SORT, but TTDF.'

Griffith said the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service will investigate the matter:

'As with all allegations, the TTPS will investigate to ascertain what was in the envelope by the TTDF soldier, as it has not been verified as yet what was in the envelope.'

Police said approximately $22 million was seized, however the money was later returned

Commissioner Griffith said that the 'bad apples' will be dealt with:

‘In this world there will always be bad apples that have to be dealt with. What is important is that I will not leave these bad apples alone to spoil the bunch. Many will see only what they want to see for now as I won't doubt that many also have a hand in this pyramid scheme. It does look really bad, BUT people are not understanding that I am not defending anything but rather just correcting a false headline by a reporter that seems to have a personal issue with the TTPS and the CoP, by extension. I have no doubt that I will make these bad apples accountable.’

‘In the two years under my watch, there have been 80 officers suspended, 60 arrested and I requested over 20 to be dismissed from the Service, amounting to disciplinary action taken, once every five days on officers. As Police Commissioner, I give the assurance that I would do all possible to ensure that no one in uniform would be given a free pass if they do not adhere to their oath of office.’

‘As long as I sit in the chair of Commissioner of Police, a badge or a uniform won’t protect you from wrongdoing. I am doing all that I can to save this country, but it seems that some deliberately do not want this country to be saved.’

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