Saturday 22 February, 2020

Police recover over 200 stolen vehicles in 18 months

Over the last 18 months, the Special Investigations Unit in the Northern Division has been directly responsible for the recovery of over 200 vehicles which have been reported stolen throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

This was confirmed by Assistant Commissioner of Police (North/East) McDonald Jacob while speaking with LoopTT.

Jacob noted that, since the group’s establishment in May 2017, the officers of this elite unit have been working arduously and tirelessly.

Through their direct actions, under the steadfast leadership of Inspector Robert Joseph, there has been a 40 percent reduction in the larceny of motor vehicles in the Northern Division.

“The unit was established as a result of a significant proliferation of reports of larceny and robbery of motor vehicles in the Northern Division.  And what I will say is that since that unit has been operating, we got a reduction of 40 percent reduction in larceny, and we’ve seen a recovery of over 200 vehicles throughout TT.

“Mr Joseph and his team, who work in conjunction with the officers in the Northern Division, are doing a significant job, as it relates to robbery and larceny, and they continue to do a good job. Their response time and recovery is something the entire police service should be proud of, not just the Northern Division. Because it shows the outcome of persons who exhibit dedication to duty, as well as the importance in utilising the intelligence-led policing approach to deal with issues. So I am happy to see they are going from strength to strength in dealing with the situation in Northern Division, and throughout this country. They are all, all the persons involved in that unit, doing a fantastic job,” Jacob said.

He noted that for this year alone, the unit was also responsible for recovering 16 firearms.

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