Tuesday 23 July, 2019

Police Service responds to video of man arrested while holding child

An 11-minute video has gone viral on social media showing police attempting to arrest a man who was at the time holding his son.

The video has sparked mixed reviews from members of the public with some raising issue with the man not willingly going with officers while others criticized police for their behaviour.

Speaking with Loop TT in response to the video, General Manager of Corporate Communications of the TTPS, Ellen Lewis, sought to dispel the notion that the officers acted unlawfully.

She said contrary to popular belief, the police acted within their legal right.

“From the video, the arrest warrant was lawfully executed. The subject of the warrant assumed the unwise position of resisting and therefore could attract charges. We have sought on many occasions to educate the public on the correct approach when faced with similar situations and have urged citizens to respect the legitimate authority of the police.”

Lewis also noted that the man has no case against the police officers should he attempt to challenge his arrest.

“There is no recourse to the PCA and the Professional Standards Bureau of the TTPS, should there be any concern/complaint in relation to an officer’s conduct in the line of duty. The subject of the warrant wilfully disregarded the instructions of the officers in relation to the child. The entire situation was avoidable.”

The 11 minute and 21 seconds clip was uploaded by Single Fathers Association President Rhondall Feeles on Saturday.

He criticized the legal system which allowed officers to arrest the man and said the matter could have been handled differently.

“There must be a better way, time and place that police officers can execute a MAINTENANCE warrant. Look at what we put children and family members through to execute an arrest warrant for Maintenance. Well boy I really mad now. The Single Fathers Association will definitely be getting involved in this matter.”

The video begins with a woman admonishing the officers for their conduct.

“How could I go to the police who is supposed to protect and serve me when allyuh doing this to me?”

“Oh God, there is a God... allyuh have families too, allyuh have children. Allyuh don’t know that what allyuh do to people will be done to allyuh?”

Another man can be heard in the background asking officers for the warrant which they produced and read aloud.

The subject of the warrant was later arrested while the child screamed and held on before being handed over to a relative. 


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