Friday 16 November, 2018

Police shot at during patrols in Laventille

Police officers came under fire in Laventille on Wednesday night during routine patrols.

According to reports, officers of the Port of Spain Task Force were on foot patrol along Picton Road, Laventille, when they came under heavy suppression fire.

The officers took cover, however, they could not locate the source of the gunfire.

They called for backup and a team of officers from the Inter-Agency Task Force responded within minutes.

However, as suddenly as the gunfire began, it concluded.

Police said they continued their patrols, however, they did not find anyone in the area with illegal items.

A video which recorded the sound of the gunfire, said to be from Dan Kelly in Laventille, was shared on social media.

Senior officials said that, based on the sound of the gunfire, it appeared that high-powered weapons were being utilized.

The matter is currently being investigated by a team of officers under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Radcliffe Boxhill.

More on this as it becomes available.