Sunday 18 November, 2018

Police: Slight decline in drunk driving in Northern Division

Out of 198 persons who were breathalysed during police exercises in the Northern Division, only one person was found to be over the legal limit.

The division is supervised by ACP McDonald Jacob and Snr Sup Michael Daniel.

A total of 151 persons were tested after requests by police over a seven day period, while there were 47 volunteers.

Only one person was said to have given a reading above the legal limit, which is 35 microgrammes per 100 millilitres of breath.

This person was detained and charged and has been brought before the courts.

However, LoopTT was told that while the statistics painted a fantastic picture for the northern division, that citizens were adhering to the laws and not drinking and driving, the fact that even one person failed the breathalyser was something of concern to the lawmen.

“We are very pleased, it would be remiss to say otherwise. This information shows that citizens are aware of the law and are adhering to the law. This is especially impressive when you realize that there was a holiday last week, so there were several days off for persons to engage in festivities, and be tempted."

"Thankfully only one person was over the legal limit. But even with this said, all it takes is one bad decision for lives to be put at risk and for lives to be lost. So once again, we are calling on all persons to adhere to the laws of the land. If you are going to drink, find a designated driver. Because you will be caught,” police said.


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