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August 10,2020
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Saturday 8 August, 2020

Port Authority: Oily substance did not come from Galleons Passage

The Port Authority has dismissed claims that an oil substance seen in photographs circulating on social media originated from the Galleons Passage.

A photograph has been circulating on Facebook showing the Galleons Passage docked near the Port of Port of Spain with an oily substance observed in the waters surrounding the vessel.

The assertion being made was that the oil was leaking from the Galleons Passage.

In a statement on Saturday, the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago sought to set the record straight.

It said that oily water and silt sedimentation have been flowing from the storm drains.

This, as the Authority explained that there are storm drains designed from the outflow of water from the city of Port of Port of Spain to assist the prevention of flooding.

It noted that there are five storm drains within the port compound: The Caricom Wharves (area of the lighthouse, Berth #3 – Area of the Cruise Ship Complex, Berth #4 - within the Port area, Between #5 & 6 – within the Port area and the area of the Breakfast Shed.

“Over the years the Authority has had to deal with this situation of oily water and other debris on the waterfront, which flowed through these storm drains. As such, companies have been engaged to clean up the waterfront to accommodate cruise ships and other vessels.

It should be noted that it is illegal to dispose hydrocarbon waste into the drainage system as well as it is contrary to the MARPOL Convention 73/78 for ships to discharge their waste within 12 nautical miles of any port,” the Port Authority said.

The Port Authority further noted that situation is heightened during periods of heavy rainfall, and over the last few days there has been an increase in the presence of oil at the sea front.

“The source of any oily water is unknown as it may emerge from various smaller drains that flow into the storm drains. In the circumstances, the Authority wishes to state that the existing situation is not as a result of the vessel operations.

We wish to advise that the vessels, the T&T Spirit, the M.V Cabo Star and the Galleons Passage have not contributed in any way to this existing situation,” the Authority added. 


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