Monday 19 August, 2019

PoS man killed by stray bullet while putting out garbage

For many citizens, putting out the garbage is a regular daily ritual, no more stressful than stopping at the local bakery or picking up the daily newspaper. 

For 59-year-old Wayne Alleyne, however, it cost him his life. 

Alleyne, who lives at Nelson Street, Port of Spain, had just stepped outside his home to put out the garbage around 3:00 pm on Sunday afternoon when he was caught in the middle of a shootout between two groups of young men.

According to police reports, one group of young men was seen chasing another group and opened fire on them. 

However the assailants missed, and their deadly bullets hit Alleyne instead. 

Sadly, Alleyne succumbed to his injuries. 

Police are continuing investigations. 

More on this as it becomes available.

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