Saturday 30 May, 2020

President Carmona issues Christmas greetings to T&T

President Anthony Carmona and his wife, Reema Harrysingh-Carmona, urged Trinidadians to practice compassiona and mercy during their Christmas greetings.

In a statement, Carmona said Christmas means reflection, compassion and forgiveness.

"Christmas is indeed a time to reflect, to willingly expose our softer side, our compassion, our mercy and our capacity to forgive, a time to give without expectation."

"There are gifts that mean much more, that cost little or nothing at all, giving to others, the gift of time, communication and bonding- yes- personalized time around our banquet of circumstances, giving added hope to those not sure of themselves those who are despondent those who are simply not happy."


"Lend an ear, a helping hand, positive words of encouragement, be a genuine friend this Christmas. These gifts that will not wear and will stand the test of time. We must lift up rather than bring down or tear down."

Mrs Harrysingh-Carmona urged father to focus more on their children.

"Daddy, you must know your child. Speak to your children, embrace them, tell them you love them and you care and their true worth will shine and prosper. Be the great mentor that you can be for your child’s sake and for the family at this Christmas time and beyond. Mommy, your boy child loves you and therefore you are the entrusted cradle of our humanity."

"Supported by a father’s love, you all must tell your boy child that there is untold magic, benefit and godliness in doing right to each other, simply by doing good and being good. Tell them, both of you, that our women folk must be treated with respect and let your boy child know that compassion, mercy and forgiveness, are not weaknesses, but strengths," she said.

Carmona also issued condolences for those lives lost to crime.

"At this Christmas time, we will recall the love ones we lost. And the hurt can be unimaginable, especially if that loss is the result of crime and violence."

"As President, it pains me every day when persons brutally killed are becoming part of our statistical fanfare that diminishes life, rather than glorifies it. We have to turn this around. Whether you wear a suit or walk in slippers, let this Christmas time inspire you to be champions of change, to be the positive difference that this society of ours deserves."

He also urged citizens to help protect the environment and the vulnerable in society.

"We can all be exemplars by supporting the vanguard movement against Climate Change, environmental degradation and that thrust to preserve Mother Earth."

"As we strive to protect, preserve and sustain Mother Earth, we must ensure an inclusive society, which justly treats with Persons with Disabilities. This is the kind of Trinidad and Tobago we need, where genuine acts of kindness become the norm.  Celebrate we must, the real magic of Christmas."

"People must always take precedence over profit, because our society will not be judged by profits, dividends and economics, but rather how we treat the marginalized, the weak, the less fortunate and those who cannot help themselves," he said.

"As a Nation we have a lot to reflect on but we also have a lot to be thankful for and celebrate. Trinidad and Tobago is a great place with beautiful people and it is the responsibility and duty of every citizen to make it greater and better.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2018 from us to yours and our children, Christian and Anura. God bless this wonderful Republic of Trinidad and Tobago."

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