Monday 15 July, 2019

Prison officers to be held liable after videos of inmates go viral

Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson has condemned the content and circulation of two videos which were uploaded to social media platforms on Tuesday.

The first video shows several prisoners in a cell celebrating with unauthorized items and the second video shows a prisoner displaying illegal items.

A statement from the Prisons Service notes that an investigation was launched into the origin of the first video which revealed that it has been in circulation for over two years.

Commissioner Wilson has since called for the report based on the investigation at the time.

The release added that the second video was presented to Commissioner Wilson on July 07 and an investigation was initiated.

The inmate was identified and located by members of the High-Risk Management Unit and illegal items which included contraband and over two pounds of plant-like substances were confiscated.

Members of the Police Service were called in and charges were laid against the inmate in question.

The Prisons Commissioner has expressed grave concern over the lack of supervision and has stated that “Measures are being put in place which would see Officers being held accountable for their inaction. Whilst we are aware that there are serious challenges in the effective performance of our duties, we must always be mindful that our first and foremost tasks are supervision of inmates and maintenance of security. Videos of this nature are a direct embarrassment to the organization and question the integrity of all Officers”.

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