Saturday 18 January, 2020

Private Ryan claims sabotage as bots crash ticket website

Private Ryan is apologising to those who couldn't purchase tickets for his popular Soca Brainwash fete following a cyber attack on ticket website Ticket Gateway.

Many people attempting to purchase the US$150 tickets complained that the site kept crashing. 

The DJ took to Instagram to explain what occurred. 

"There was a cyber attack that happened that utilised bots and these bots overload the servers and make it hard for people who are trying to legitimately buy tickets to do so," he explained. 

"This is either an act of sabotage or an act of bulk buying that is feeding the black market which you can see by now is a real problem," he said, noting that they changed ticket platforms to accommodate the global demand. He said while Event Brite was seamless for them in the US, they could not use that platform for the Trinidad event.

He assured that he is working to ensure this issue does not happen in the future.

Soca Brainwash takes place on February 10 on Fatima Grounds. 


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