Saturday 24 October, 2020

Progressive Party promises a gov't focused on meeting citizens' needs

Pictured: Progressive Party leader and candidate for San Fernando West, Nikoli Edwards.

Pictured: Progressive Party leader and candidate for San Fernando West, Nikoli Edwards.

The Progressive Party is prepared to make a change in Trinidad and Tobago’s political landscape, offering a different kind of governance.

The party made 16 promises based on its manifesto, urging citizens to vote for progress in the upcoming general election.

The party, which recently held its second virtual political meeting, is of the view that Government should provide a range of social, economic and technological services which meet citizens’ needs.

The Progressive Party believes that Government should provide quality education at all levels which equips individuals with the necessary tools to overcome and solve life’s challenges.

As it relates to healthcare, the party has promised a robust public and private sector which anticipates, prevents, cures and rehabilitates in the face of challenges.

T&T’s next Government, it said, should be committed to creating an environment for an adaptive, innovative and remedy-based economy which enables current and future entrepreneurs, employers and employees. At the same time, the party said, the economy must be shaped by best practice industrial relations law and policies.

The approach to national security should focus on crime prevention, detection and suppression. These efforts, the party said, must be ably supported by technology, data and innovation.

Government must provide a justice system which offers accountability, recourse, flexibility, swiftness, rehabilitation and respect for human rights and dignities.

In terms of agriculture, the Progressive Party said Government should create a sustainable sector which offers high quality produce for domestic and foreign markets. The sector must be supported through infrastructural development, technology, incentives and access to current and emerging markets.

The party promised a reprioritised energy sector which makes use of renewable energy sources which can be utilised for both local and regional consumption.

In terms of public transportation, the party said a system which is safe, reliable, inter-connected, technology-driven and attractive to both passengers and operators will be provided.

An integrated public utilities and infrastructural development system should seek to prevent wastage, increases access and affordability and minimises environmental disruption.

The party, which recently spoke on the issue of rent regulation, proposed the introduction of a regulated housing environment which offers protection to owners, landlords and tenants, as well as provides accessible, safe and affordable housing.

The party promised to introduce a modern e-Government framework which functions to enhance the skillset of public servants.

The party has also promised to provide a sector emphasising the importance of culture, sport and tourism as equally in need of preservation, enhancement, innovation and sustainability in order to achieve meaningful diversification.

Should the Progressive Party be voted into office, it has vowed to keep these promises.

View the full list of campaign promises from the Progressive Party here.  

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