Thursday 1 October, 2020

Public divided on renaming of Piarco International Airport

Trinidadians expressed varying views of recent remarks by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on a suggestion that the Piarco International Airport be named after Dr Eric Williams.

Dr Rowley made the comment while speaking to members of the Trinidad and Tobago diaspora in New York City on Republic Day, September 24, 2019.

Dr Rowley was in New York City to attend the United Nations General Assembly meeting earlier this month.


I would love to (rename Piarco International Airport) but these things aren’t as simple as they appear. Before Dr Williams died…he said when he passed on he wants  no acknowledgement, no statue, just continue to be the way you all are.

“But…I would love to consider, and will have the Cabinet consider the naming of our airport the Dr Eric Williams airport.

“Recently, I communicated with his family on this matter, who reminded me very firmly what Dr Williams wanted and that they would view any attempt to do otherwise as politicising his memory and I would not want to be accused of…using Dr Williams’ memory to get re-elected.”

However the public expressed conflicting views.

Kevin Hurst: "Respect the Father of Our nation's wishes! The gentleman who asked the question appears to be old enough to remember what Dr Williams requested."

Annette Mc Conney: "Yes I think you should respect the Father of Our Nation wishes I sincerely believe so. Thank you. God bless you."

Clarence Raeburn: "Although I would love and wish Piarco International Airport renamed Dr Eric Williams International Air Port, we must respect his WISHES, no accolades he said. We have already named a health institution in his honor, in my opinion we should rename the airport Patrick Manning International Air Port, He deserves such an honour. He did great things for every creed and race in T&T including those Ingrates who have also benefited from his policies and programs."

Cay Amour: "Dr Eric Williams reacted in his hurt and disappointment of some people. We all are not the same the majority of people loved him and we appreciate his contributions to our nation. So I think his family should reconsider. Let's name the airport after him."

Gourz Ramkzn: "Instead, maybe do some serious maintenance and upgrading. Renaming is just empty politics."

Althier Alleyne: "No it should be Patrick Manning International Airport he has done more for this country than any other PM after Dr Eric Williams."

Rhoma Akosua Spencer: "Why rename it? Piarco has historical and cultural nuances."

Cheryl Phillips: "Put slips in a bowl and draw like lotto so it will be fair to everybody because different names are being called."

Do you think the Piarco International Airport should be renamed? Let us know in the comments below. 

Do you think the Piarco International Airport should be renamed to the Dr Eric Williams International Airport?

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