Sunday 21 October, 2018

Questions raised over dog poison video at Pricesmart compound

Questions have been raised regarding a statement made by Pricesmart Trinidad on a video showing poisoned dogs on its La Romaine compound which went viral online. 

A woman shared a photo online of her and one of the dogs, which looked similar to a dog on another video which died after ingesting poison, saying she fed the dog just over a month ago. However, the company said the video was taken 14 months ago. 

(Photo: The woman said this photo was taken approximately one month ago showing a dog which was seen dying of poison in a video which the company said was taken 14 months ago.)

“First time we fed this sweet boy at Pricesmart just over a month ago. So contrary to Pricesmart (Trinidad) saying this happened 14 months ago, our facts prove differently.”

“We’ve fed them after but this was the first time we met this boy; his jaw was broken previously and healed bent so we had to break up the dog biscuits. He is the first dog in the video.”

“RIP…You didn’t deserve to suffer like that,” she said.

The video shows dogs and birds dying of poison on the company's La Romaine compound.


Animal welfare group Animals Alive is calling for more corporate responsibility regarding animal welfare.

“It has been realized that the footage of the dog in Pricesmart was old but it's still as violently heinous now as it was then.”

“AA has written to management but has never been replied to.”

“Corporations serve and make its profit from the public and its Corporate Social Responsibility as well as its operational procedures must have at its core love and respect for the planet and all living things.”

“Businesses must have a conscience. Pricesmart is advised to make reparation as its reputation is severely damaged however it deems but right now its seen as a selfish heartless, cold, demon.”

“Remember this Pricesmart as serious animal lovers won’t forget that dastardly event so you'll really have to work hard to redeem yourselves.”

The company said nine months ago the matter was investigated and an employee was fired

The company also issued a statement regarding an incident in its Panama store where pornographic material was displayed on one of its television screens.