Tuesday 16 October, 2018

Questions raised over immigration raid in Woodbrook

30 persons were arrested after police carried out an anti-crime exercise in Woodbrook last Friday night, however some citizens have questioned manner in which the exercise was carried out.

According to police reports, the anti-crime exercise was carried out between 9:00 pm on Friday and 4:00 am on Saturday, during which officers from the Port of Spain Division, City Police, Licensing Officers, Traffic Wardens, Port Police, Immigration Officers, Transit Police, the Port of Spain Task Force and the CCPU joined forces. 

Police said 30 people were arrested for Irregular Immigration status, 66 were given Fixed Penalty Tickets for various offences, one person was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, eight people were held for drug possession.

The exercise was coordinated by Ag Snr. Supt Floris Hodge Griffith and supervised by Ag ASP Kester Billy, Ag. Insp. Mc Guirk, Sgt Sooklalsingh, Ag Sgt Toolaram.

However, one eyewitness reported that officers 'locked down' the bar, separating the men and women, and arrested the men who did not have travel documents on their person. 

LoopTT has reached out to National Security Minister Edmund Dillon for comment. 

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