Saturday 24 October, 2020

Radio announcer draws attention to plight of homeless women

Radio announcer Isha Wells is drawing attention to an issue many may not have thought of, but one that is critical for women.

She said in a public Facebook post that she gave a homeless woman money, but when she saw what she purchased with the money, she was shocked.

“TRUE STORY--> I'm standing outside Back to Basic Supermarket on Independence Square, Port of Spain when a homeless woman approached me (mid 40's) I would say even tho I didn't ask her age.”

“She asked me for money to buy a meal but I was hesitant cause I noticed her earlier counting what appeared to be money ( so I'm thinking Isha she's scamming you ) but I gave her $5 and walked away a bit all the while looking back to see where she was going, she walked into a store and I was upset cause for sure I'm thinking I was scammed I turned around to follow her and confront her over her apparent dishonesty!”

“When I entered the store there she was at the counter paying for a pack of sanitary napkins or Pads as we call it.”

“I was shocked I asked her: Why didn't you tell me what you really wanted the money for? She said it's easier to ask someone for change to buy food than Pads!”

“I then asked is that all you needed? She said no I have no Toothpaste and Toothbrush, Deodorant or Soap I like to freshen up when I can.”

“So I purchase the items that came up to $40 and gave them to her and left.”

Wells said the incident was an eye-opener for her, and she is urging females to try to help other homeless women who may need these items.

“All afternoon I'm feeling so down in my spirit because it never hit me that the homeless women I pass on the street daily have the same experience I do every month but they don't have the necessities to get through it.”

“I wanna start a new CHALLENGE let's call it a Sister Pack try to locate a homeless woman and give her a pack of monthly necessities it won't cost more than $40 and you will be blessed for your good deed!”

Do you think this is a good idea?

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