Saturday 22 February, 2020

Rambharat after floods: Inspect produce carefully

Consumers are being told to vigilant when purchasing produce at local markets to detect possible signs of flood damage.

The word of caution comes from Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat who urged shoppers to look out for soft spots and other markings – telltale signs of rotting.

“Sweet peppers were also hard hit by the floods. There are farmers in Maloney and other places whose sweet peppers were not affected. When buying sweet peppers look for soft black/grey spots.

Examine the stem area for softness. Check for firmness and signs of water damage. Look for signs of rot when you cut the sweet pepper open,” Rambharat said in a Facebook post.

The Minister also shared photos of cabbages damaged by flood waters.

He again stressed the importance of examining fruits and vegetables carefully before purchase or consumption.

“The cabbage may look good on the outside, but as you cut it open and examine the inside you see that the damage is on the inside.

Just ask your vendor to cut open the cabbage. After purchase, sanitise before using. In doubt? Toss out!”

“Whatever you do, ensure that all fruit and vegetables are sanitised, particularly fruit, and vegetables being consumed uncooked,” he added.

Rambharat, however, underscored that not all local farmers were affected by flood, and urged consumers to support roadside vendors and local farmers.

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