Ramnarine, Ramsaran clash as TTCB election nears

A war of words has emerged between former Minister of Sports Manohar Ramsaran and former WIPA President Dinanath Ramnarine as the date nears for the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board’s Annual General Meeting.

The members of the new board will be elected at the end of the month and Ramnarine and Ramsaran have clashed over the bid of Azim Bassarath for a fourth term in office.

Ramsaran says that Ramnarine has no track record to lead the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board.

“He is the reason why regional cricket is in shambles following his abysmal record as president of the West Indies Players’ Association, whch was a period marked by bitter confrontation between administrators and players, and when we became the laughing stock of world cricket,” said Ramsaran in a media release.

Ramsaran also claimed that Ramnarine was detrimental to the game in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Ramnarine has no respect or regard for order and procedure and displays indisclipine that is both foolhardy and troubling. He thrives on chaos and confrontation and will prove to be a   human wrecking ball if given the chance by those who fall prey to his empty promises,” said Ramsaran.

However, Ramnarine has in turn questioned the Azim Bassarath administration.

“While all right-thinking people, not just cricket fans, see the benefits of the One Club/One Vote principle, and of having a Board elected by persons who were themselves elected and not chosen by a cabal, Ramsaran sees this as a threat to him and his friends,” Ramnarine said in a release. 

The former WIPA President added, “In light of his false and malicious statements, and because he has clearly proven to be an unfit and improper person to serve or save our National Cricket, I would normally call on Ramsaran to resign.  However, I know this will never happen while the Bassarath group runs and ruins Trinidad and Tobago Cricket.”

The Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board is the governing body for cricket in Trinidad and Tobago and officials are elected for a three-year term.


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