Tuesday 25 February, 2020

Randy Glasgow elected to chair newly formed Promoters Association

The Trinidad and Tobago Promoters Association (TTPA) wishes to announce that during its first election on May 15, an interim Executive Board was elected and installed to lead the organisation.

Randy Glasgow has been elected as Chairman, Dwayne Nobrega as Vice Chairman, Colin Miles as Secretary, Derek Douragh as Treasurer and Atiba Caddle as Director.

A statement from the TTPA noted that the organization was formed by event co-ordination practitioners whose collective interest is to support the development and establish a voice for their industry.

The group kicked off by noting that it was concerned about the national event tourism sector both during and outside the carnival celebrations.

“We note with concern the challenges that are faced yearly by event producers, those they employ and stakeholders, as all seek to continue making their contribution to the economic evolution of Trinidad and Tobago. These challenges range from surmounting regulatory hurdles to managing heavy legal burdens and from the imposition of ad-hoc penalties to the lack of access to efficient infrastructure. All of this is severely compromising the ability of those who operate in the eco-system to drive revenue through this important foreign exchange earning industry.”

The TTPA said it recognizes its valuable contribution to the nation’s tourism product and wants to make clear, its commitment to its sustainability.

The association said it will advocate to give voice to the needs of its members and offer solutions to challenges that are contemporary and that will facilitate growth.

“We are of the view that the hurdles we face become more challenging to surmount year after year, and they are slowly strangling the once vibrant and dynamic Trinidad and Tobago carnival.”

“Practitioners in countries where this festival is not indigenous have identified the unique value that carnival attracts and are working closely with stakeholders to develop supportive environments for their event industries. The TTPA will pro-actively engage stakeholders, so we can build meaningful relationships with those partners.”

According to the release, the TTPA intends to use a series of consultations, which will commence in the not too distant future, to make clear its intentions and share the value of the expertise of the robust membership.

Persons seeking more information can contact the group at ttpromotersassociation@gmail.com.


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